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Contact me for paintings on buildings and structures such as She Sheds. This was a house I painted for Zoomars Petting Zoo for Gillie Guinea Pig. Also see large flower paintings that can be painted on sheds and large surfaces. She Shed paintings by Michele G. Dodds. She Shed painter by the She Shore.

Gillie Guinea Pig House    Guinea Pig House

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Willy Wonka Set Design. Large backdrop 10' x 23'.

Willy Wonka Backdrop

The Lion King Set Design. Large backdrop 9' x 23'. Lion King Forest backdrop.

Lion King Backdrop

Millennium Falcon Mural. Frame for a dentist office. Approx. 8' x 11'                                                                      Closet Door painting. Mural on Doors.

Millennium Falcon Mural Trompe l' oeil Doors

Lion King Sun backdrop 9' x 23'

Lion King Backdrop

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